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Dear Health Conscious Friend,

“I just want to be normal!”

Those were the words of one frustrated person after yet another bout of bladder trouble.

And you can probably sympathize. After all, if you’ve endured a few rounds of bladder or urinary tract (UT) problems, you understand...

  • The agony of painful, burning urination.
  • The constant urge to go... but with little result.
  • The embarrassment of “leaks” and strong-smelling urine.

When bladder problems strike, several herbs can help ease your woman-with-bottlesuffering. But wouldn’t it be better to keep urinary tract trouble from coming back and stop it for good? That’s the idea behind a remarkable new breakthrough called Floranol UT.

Floranol UT is a super- concentrated extract made from an ancient secret. And that extract is proven in clinical trials to promote a 77% drop in bladder and UT trouble.1

It’s a centuries-old solution... but there’s never been anything like it before.

If you’ve ever wished the pain, frustration and embarrassment of bladder or urinary tract problems would just go away, read on. Because, at last, you can be normal again.

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A Brand-New Twist Powers Up
an Ancient Bladder Remedy

For centuries, Asian herbalists have had a pretty good home remedy for UT problems. When the signs of bladder trouble cropped up, they’d brew a cup of roselle tea.

And another cup... and another... and another...

You see, roselle can be effective, but you don’t get a lot of the active components why-women-suffer-more-often-than-menin a cup of tea. So you have to drink a lot of tea for the maximum benefit.

The next step forward has taken us a few hundred years, but you’ll think it’s been worth the wait. That step is Floranol UT – 100% natural... 100% gentle... and 100% effective in providing protection and relief.

Floranol UT is the concentrated extract of roselle... and it’s made only from the part of the flower – the calyx – that contains the active components. So it delivers maximum relief... and supports your body’s defenses against future UT problems.

In other words, the ingredient in Floranol UT can help you get rid of UT problems faster... and keep them away longer. So you don’t have to suffer through weeks of misery time and time again.

It’s the perfect complement to the herbs you may already be taking... and it’s just what you need to promote fewer, shorter and less frequent bouts of UT trouble.

Here’s why Floranol UT is different...

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Launch a Three-Way Attack on the
Cause of Most Bladder Trouble

Did you know there’s just one culprit behind 80 – 95% of common bladder/UT problems? It’s a bacterium called E. coli.

chart E. coli lurks everywhere – even in your digestive system. And when it gets into your urinary tract or bladder, it can make you miserable.

Suddenly, you’re running for the rest room over and over. But when you get there, you can hardly urinate. And when you do, it burns... or hurts like the devil. Sometimes the pain lasts for a long time, too.

Then the E. coli adds insult to injury. You may find your urine smells very strong... and that you develop “leaks.” That’s something people notice. You could even wind up wearing adult diapers to deal with the problem... and who needs that?

But the roselle concentrate in Floranol UT helps your body deal with E. coli – and other nasty bacteria – 3 ways.

bottleFirst, roselle contains a compound that discourages adhesion. That’s a fancy way to say it helps stop bacteria from grabbing onto the walls of your bladder and UT. And if they can’t hold on, they can’t make you sick.

Next, the roselle concentrate in Floranol UT promotes a change in the acid level of your urine. Most bacteria are very sensitive to changes in their environment... and they don’t survive well when the acid level is too high or too low.

In laboratory tests, the roselle in Floranol UT promoted a change of 30% in the acidity of human urine. Within 1 day, the E. Coli counts in the urine dropped to almost zero.

And, roselle revs up your body’s filtration system to promote even greater UT health. So it can help make your current bladder supplement even more effective.

Plus, Floranol UT is gentle and effective enough to take every day for “bladder maintenance.” So you can enjoy more time off between bouts... or even keep them away for good.

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Promote Better Flow
for Long-Term Relief

Have you ever tried to hold still while standing waist-deep in a fast- moving river? It’s pretty tough. The force of the water makes keepingenjoy-a-life-free-of-bladder-trouble still difficult, if not impossible. And you probably found yourself getting pushed downstream more than once.

Well, that’s a lot like the 3rd way the concentrated roselle extract in Floranol UT helps you. It promotes a flushing action that makes life even tougher for bacteria.

Biomedical scientists recently tested roselle’s effects in the lab. They discovered it supports increased flow through the kidneys. In fact, in one test, kidney flow jumped by an amazing 48%.2

And for good measure, roselle also promotes elimination of excess uric acid.3 This acid can contribute to painful blockages in your kidneys. So roselle really helps your plumbing run more smoothly.

And, taken every day, that could mean fewer and less frequent bladder problems.

Imagine going a lot longer between bouts of bladder trouble. Or possibly ending those troubles for good...or even thwart them from happening in the first place. What a blessing that would be! But is this for real?

“The proof,” as they say, “is in the pudding.” And here it is, all laid out...

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UT Relief That Gets
Even Better Over Time

Not long ago, a research team in France put roselle to the test. And drop-in-urinary-tract-issues-chartnot just any roselle, but the very same super- concentrated extract that’s in Floranol UT.

The trial used a group who had an average of two or more bouts of bladder/UT trouble in the 3 months before the study. After just 12 weeks, they had 57% fewer bouts than before the study.

In the second 12 weeks, the improvement continued. Their bladder problems had dropped off by 77% – an average of just 1 case for every 4 volunteers in the study group!

In other words, most of the subjects – who had been suffering regularly – were problem-free for an extended time.

If you could put an end to your painful bladder problems or even


block them from ever happening in the first place, what would you do with the extra weeks you’d gain? Pick up a favorite activity again? Enjoy more time with your friends or family?

The sky’s the limit when you’re free of the pain and embarrassment of bladder/UT issues. And you don’t have to wait till you’re suffering to take advantage of Floranol UT’s benefits. Because the roselle concentrate in Floranol UT can help block problems before they happen.

You see, roselle keeps invaders from taking hold... and raising the acidity of your urine kills them as they pass through. And because all- natural Floranol UT is safe and gentle, you can take it every day.

It’s the cheapest “insurance policy” you can get for urinary tract health.

If you already have a bladder problem, Floranol UT promotes faster, more powerful relief. Here’s the secret...

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An Extra Boost When
You Need Heavy-Duty Help

You may already take a natural herbal product for your bladder or UT trouble. And, it may be working pretty well for you. But you could give it a turbo-boost by adding the 100% safe and natural power of roselle.

It’s 3-way power makes Floranol UT’s super-concentrated roselle the perfect companion to other bladder/UT supplements.

And, as an everyday supplement, its powerful but gentle action can help keep things running smoothly longer.

Maybe even knock out your bladder problems for good.

In other words, the roselle in Floranol UT is your “all the time” UT solution. And in just a moment, I’ll show you how you can prove it for yourself – with no risk.

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End Your Suffering and Embarrassment –
Quickly and Easily

They’re painful... they’re inconvenient... they’re frustrating... and they’re embarrassing. Why suffer a day longer than you have to?

And why suffer more often than you have to?

Thanks to the super-concentrated roselle in Floranol UT, real long- term relief could be within your reach at last.

And now you can prove it with no risk.

Because Floranol UT comes with Best Life Herbal’s exclusive full- year satisfaction guarantee.

Simply put, if you’re not 100% satisfied, just return the unused portion for a full refund of the purchase price. Even if the bottle is empty. No hassles, guaranteed.

Picture life without bladder/UT problems. No more painful, burning urination... no more of those frequent, sudden urges... no more frustration or embarrassment.

In just a few weeks, you could be enjoying longer breaks between bouts – or even put an end to your UT troubles once and for all.

And to make it even easier for you, I’d like to offer you a very special deal...

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"More UT Relief for Less…
with Zero Risk

If you’re ready to get off the treadmill of pain... to end the frustration and embarrassment... to be “normal” again, here’s your opportunity. The proven ingredient in Floranol UT could get you there in just weeks.

Enjoy fewer interruptions to your day, greater comfort and freedom, and the peace of mind that those embarrassing moments are now a lot less likely. Maybe even gone forever.

And here’s how to get started:

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And no matter which option you choose, you have the security of our full-year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So don’t wait any longer to be “normal” again. Fill out and return the enclosed Savings Certificate now.

Or, for faster service, call toll-free 1-866-635-0850. We’ll rush your Floranol UT right to your door.

Yours in good health,


Dr. Jeffrey Greiff, M.D.
Best of Health

P.S. Clinical trials prove the super-concentrated roselle extract in Floranol UT is effective. One group of women saw a 77% drop in bladder/urinary tract problems after taking it. But Floranol UT isn’t just for ladies. Anyone with urinary tract trouble stands to benefit from this brand-new breakthrough.

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