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Dear Friend,

Let me tell you about a new and exceptionally powerful way to enjoy sexual vigor and energy…

Feel younger, stronger, more relaxed…

And sleep all night - without interruption, irritation, or urgent urinary problems.

This breakthrough solution can bring you
maximum relief and control… maximum pleasure
and potency… and maximum freedom from
prostate problems. The results are astonishing.

Every man, at virtually any age, should be able to enjoy an active, carefree life and pleasurable, energetic sex.

But if you’re like 90% of men in America, you’re about to face a major threat to your sex drive and male health. It's called BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia.)

If you already suffer from BPH, maybe you’re trying to ignore it. But believe me, that will only get harder and harder. It's inevitable.

Especially when it comes to the countless trips to the bathroom… the slow and painful urination… the stop and start when you try to go… the weak flow and dribbling that follow…

Not to mention the burning and pain, and the feeling that you’re never quite "done."

Then there's what happens in the bedroom - or should I say, what doesn't happen in the bedroom, IF you let prostate problems go unchecked.

Forget about a good night's sleep. You’re up all night running to the bathroom.

And suddenly, your sex drive is lagging.Your potency and pleasure are weaker than they’ve ever been.

It will probably keep getting worse. That's why I want you to know the truth.

It all can be avoidable.

Take this simple step today, and free yourself or good.It's called Prosta-Rye. And it's the most urgent and effective thing you’ll ever do to safeguard your sex life and reproductive health.


My name is David Lockwood, I’ve worked with dozens of widely used pharmaceutical "solutions" and monitored their progress.

ATTENTION: If you’re one of the lucky guys who hasn't yet experienced prostate problems, that's great. But I have to be frank with you. Chances are good that you will. Unless you take steps to prevent it.

Every year, your chance of developing prostate problems multiplies. If you’re over 40, there's a 50% chance you’ll soon face prostate problems. By the time you reach your 70s and beyond, your risk has sky-rocketed to 90%.

Even the healthiest man is
at risk for prostate problems

Your sex life depends on the health of your prostate.

Your overall male health depends on your freedom from urinary complications.

Your total well-being depends on both of these.

So by all means, STOP throwing your money away on herbal formulas that don't deliver. Never again put up with formulas that work briefly, then die out - so your problems return, often with a vengeance.

You simply can't afford to take chances.

Here's the bottom line: An enlarged prostate will eventually interrupt your ability to get and sustain an erection.

This wildly common condition
can mean the end of sexual
potency and real pleasure as
you've known it

If you’ve been let down by Saw Palmetto or pygeum africanum, or if you’ve been disappointed with herbal mixtures that start off strong, then lose potency over time… naturally you’ll be skeptical. So was I.

I'd treated patients with prostate problems only to be disappointed by the inconsistent, temporary results. Believe it or not, I almost overlooked the news of this potent natural compound when it became available in the U.S.

I almost passed up the most
effective remedy available!

But a quick glance at the research changed my mind.


And it can relieve prostate problems without manipulating your testosterone levels.

I started to look deeper into the research. Scientists around the world - including progressive clinics in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, and Japan - have spent years performing rigorous research into the unique nutritional make-up of the ancient superfood rye pollen.

Why all the sudden interest? Once researchers were able to break through the near-impenetrable husk of the ancient pollen, they discovered…

This remarkable natural extract
holds the secret to supporting
trouble-free prostate health and
a more vigorous sex life


  Answer yes to one or more of these questions, and chances are you’re suffering from an enlarged prostate, or BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.)
  • Do you have the frequent urge to urinate?

  • Do you wake up more than twice a night to urinate?

  • Is your urine flow weak and slow?

  • Is your bladder not completely empty after urination?

  • Do you feel a loss of sex drive – or less pleasure and satisfaction than you used to?

  • Is it difficult for you to have an erection?

  • Is ejaculation painful?

  • Do your experience dribbling or other difficulties with urination?

  • Do you feel pain or stiffness in your lower back, hips or upper thighs?

  • Is urination painful, or accompanied by a burning sensation?

  • Have you found blood in your urine or semen?
This ancient grain is packed with potent, health-enhancing nutrients that can deliver COMPLETE RELIEF from many of the major signs of prostate enlargement.

Because of its unique mechanism and nutrient composition, it's more comprehensive and powerful than any typical herbal solution I have seen.

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I believe EVERY MAN OVER 40 should take this potent, proactive nutrient extract every day. That's why I helped formulate the exact dosage proven to provide maximum relief - in one new capsule called Prosta-Rye.

This unique extract has been proven to outperform leading herbal and nutritional formulas. In one remarkable study, 89 men ages 50-68 diagnosed with various levels of prostate enlargement were given either the active ingredients in Prosta-Rye, the prostate herb Pygeum africanum, or a combination of amino acids found in the prostate. After 4 months, the men were tested for prostate size, bladder health, medical indications of prostate enlargement, and, last but not least: RELIEF.

The result: Those who took the active ingredient in Prosta-Rye enjoyed greater relief and improved quality of life in ALL AREAS of prostate trouble.

The relief and health-building
properties are superior,
across the board. Now you CAN…
  • Naturally, safely shrink an enlarged prostate
  • Relieve and control urinary urgency and irritation
  • Improve flow rate
  • Decrease residual urine in the bladder
  • Eliminate hesitation before and dribbling after you go
  • Restore sexual health, desire, and stamina

Why does it pay – handsomely – to keep your prostate healthy and fully functioning? Because this vital sexual gland is directly involved in some of the most exciting moments of pleasure and virility you enjoy. Nature has created the ideal way to support a healthy, active sex life. And science has proven it effective for men of all ages. Don't miss out. Find out what Prosta-Rye can do for you – today.
In fact, the men who took the key ingredient in enjoyed improvement in prostate size and flow rate over 200% greater than those who took the pygeum or the amino acids. With nearly 30% BETTER relief from irritation.

That means you DOUBLE your relief, and DOUBLE your lifetime protection.
But how does it compare to prescription prostate treatments?

The future of male sexual
health changed dramatically
when top scientists
discovered the hidden
stash of "miracle prostate
nutrients" in the husk of
the ancient rye pollen!

  Typical prostate treatments and drugs are well known to cause impotence, loss of sex drive, and weak ejaculation. This natural formula has the exact opposite effect. Your sexual drive and stamina will be renewed and strengthened. Your sexual functioning will be 100% restored…or better.

In my book, there's no comparison.

The two major prescription medications for prostate conditions are alpha-blockers and hormone-suppressors.

Alpha-blockers relax the prostate, making it easier to urinate. So does Prosta-Rye. But unlike Prosta-Rye, the alpha-blockers DON't shrink the prostate or protect your sexual functioning. So what DO they offer that Prosta-Rye can't? Side effects like dizziness and fatigue?so dramatic that 1 in 5 who take these pills quit the drugs. (Can you imagine trying to enjoy a healthy sex life if you’re too tired or dizzy to move?)

It's more common than you think…
If you're putting up with "age related" sexual problems like weak erections or low libido – you’re not alone.

A recent study by the American Foundation for Urologic Diseases found that the number of men with sexual problems due to an enlarged prostate is actually twice as high as doctors previously believed. Plus, ongoing urinary problems are directly linked to difficulty getting an erection and enjoying healthy ejaculation. In fact, men with urinary tract infections have HALF AS MUCH sex – and are generally less satisfied – than men who are free from infection.

Simply put: The prostate is a key to your manhood – especially sexual pleasure and potency. This vital gland is located between the bladder and the urethra (the tube through which urine and semen passes.) It's main function is to produce fluid that becomes part of semen. During orgasm, muscle contractions squeeze the prostate, which delivers fluid into the urethra to transport the sperm.

A healthy prostate does its job without complication – supporting a fulfilling, energetic sex life and helping to nourish the male reproductive organs.

With age, the prostate gradually gets larger and larger. By age 40, it's about the size of an apricot – and that's when it starts to press on the urethra and bladder, causing urgency and bladder problems. By age 60, the prostate is typically the size of a lemon, causing problems to get even worse, with no end in sight. Unless you take steps to control it. Take advantage of this remarkable natural breakthrough today, for real relief, and excellent long-term results.

Healthy, Trouble-Free Prostate

Swollen Prostate

Then there are the hormone suppressors, which directly impact testosterone levels - working in a way similar to saw palmetto. Side effects include lowered sex drive, ejaculation problems, impotence, and breast development.

I'm happy to tell you, Prosta-Rye won't offer you that.

Because of the serious flaws of mainstream treatments, it's no wonder so many doctors WHO DON'T KNOW ABOUT PROSTA-RYE tell you to "watch and wait!"

Watch and wait… for your prostate to keep growing and the problems to get worse. Dribbling can lead to incontinence. Straining can lead to weak bladder muscles. Urine retention can lead to urinary tract infections, kidney stones, organ damage, total bladder obstruction, or blood in the urine stream.

Get Remarkable Relief and
Enjoy Forgotten Pleasure…

Who should take it? Men over 40 who want to RELIEVE or PREVENT prostate enlargement naturally and safely.
  • REVERSE swelling of the prostate
  • CONTROL frequent urination – day and night
  • RELIEVE urgency and pressure
  • ELIMINATE pain or strainwhen you urinate
  • REVITALIZE sexual health and potency
  • RESTORE sexual pleasure,libido,and stamina
  • HALT the dribbling,andweak urine flow–and the feeling that your bladder is nevertotally empty
  • SUPPORT optimumbladder health – for long-term protection
Capsule: Prosta-Rye

Ingredients: Rye plant nucleus extract,180 mg. This dosage was proven in placebo controlled studies to relieve prostate problems – without side effects,and often much better than standard prostate medication.

To many men, surgery looks like a real
"get the job done" solution. Do it once — regain control of
your prostate health and your sex life. Right?

One in 3 with prostate problems will choose surgery this year.

I don't envy them.

Drugs and surgery can have dangerous and debilitating side effects. During the most common procedure, known as TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate), the surgeon passes an instrument up the urethra and into the prostate, and shaves off the inner core of the prostate gland. If everything goes well, this takes the pressure off the urethra and the bladder.

But complications can lead to chronic infection. Up to 34% of men report subsequent erection problems.

Up to 99% report retrograde ejaculation (ejaculating backwards into the bladder). Other potential side effects include painful ejaculation and complete incontinence.

And your problem can still come back. Within 10 years,
1 in 5 patients will require more surgery to remove additional prostate tissue. ( info/Surgery/turp 4.html)

That's because — you guessed it — the underlying problem that's causing your prostate to grow is still there.

NO MAN should have to take those risks. And now you don't.

Within days, you'll be on your way to
PAIN and nuisance of a swollen prostate.

In a matter of weeks, you can
be completely trouble-free!

The active ingredient in Prosta-Rye has been medically researched for nearly 4 decades. Scientifically controlled studies have shown a success rate of 80-92%. No more nighttime urination, no more straining, no more dribbling. Just relief.

What makes Prosta-Rye so powerful and effective?

Prosta-Rye contains 2 key components of the rye plant pollen (Secale ce-reale.) One component, called P60, is extracted directly from the rye plant nucleus, and the other is a rye plant extract called GBX. Together, the components work on 3 critical levels.

Get Vital Protection With Prosta-Rye –
That No Other Remedy Gives You.

It's up to 92% successful, it outperforms
prescriptions, and it totally wipes out this
other "mysterious" male health condition.

BPH is not the only prostate condition that can strike. There's another serious condition you may not have heard about, and it occurs in men of all ages. It's called chronic prostatitis. The telltale signs are a strong urge to urinate, painful urination, lower back pain, groin pain,and fever or chills. Most doctors have no idea how to treat it. Typically,they’ll try antibiotics – and sometimes they work. But sometimes they don't. And you can end up chained to these potentially health-sapping drugs for months – even years. Other prescriptions,like pain killers and hormone-blockers,may also come into play.But Prosta-Rye works,when antibiotics – and a host of other drugs – don't.

In a groundbreaking male health study,15 prostatitis patients had been through the mill.Everything from antibiotics and muscle relaxants… to hormone-blocking drugs and invasive surgery. But the problems – including pain when urinating,frequent urination,and pain in the penis,testes and groin – dragged on for 5 to 7 years.
Then,they were given the active ingredient in Prosta-Rye, from 1 to 18 months.A full 13 out of 15 got relief.In 7 of the men,the problem was eradicated completely!11 In another study of 25 men with chronic prostatitis,the researchers noted a 92% success rate.

No side effects were noted in the study.12 If your doctor has diagnosed youwith prostatitis, showhimthese study results. And get started on Prosta-Rye. The relief you’ve beenwaiting for could be justweeks away.

Prosta-Rye safely shrinks an enlarged prostate. There are two active substances found in large amounts in the prostate: inflammatory molecules called prostaglandins and leukotriens. Left unchecked, they cause the inflammation and swelling that leads to sensitivity, urgency, and hesitation.

The rye extract keeps these substances functioning at normal, healthy levels.

Prosta-Rye relieves urgency and frequency by supporting healthy bladder contractions AND relaxing the urethra (the tube through which urine passes). And there's one more serious advantage Prosta-Rye holds over the other socalled solutions. It lasts. In fact, it doesn't just last. Your prostate health will continue to improve, leading to significant health benefits and protection as the prostate continues to normalize.

Expect great long-term
relief — that gets better
and better over time.

In one study, 79 men, ages 62-89 enjoyed an overall success rate of 85%, enjoying freedom from nighttime urination, urgency, discomfort, incomplete emptying and dribbling - a full year after the study began. Other published studies confirm the results of this remarkable substance. The continual improvement over time appears to be due to a measurable, continued reduction of - and control over - the amount of inflammation molecules in the prostate.

The sooner you start, the more effective the results.

Expect a surge of energy
and renewed vitality

End prostate problems naturally, with Prosta-Rye! And the next time you're up all night, you won't be running to the bathroom. You – and your partner – will be making up for lost time! And then some.

Amazingly, one tiny grain of pollen contains every essential nutrient needed for plant reproduction and survival. It's the basis of life as we know it - and it supplies dozens of vitamins and minerals, including A, B, D, E, folic acid, choline,V, K, zinc, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and the B-vitamin inositol.The pollen extract also contains amino acids,RNA and DNA building blocks, plant hormones, enzymes, and health-enhancing fatty acids.

Together, these nutrients are a natural treasure trove of energizers, male health protectors, anti-aging compounds, and even mood boosters and pain-relievers. When you take Prosta-Rye, you not only help support healthy prostate function, you also infuse your body with natural energy and youth-building nutrition. You’ll feel the difference throughout your whole body.

You’re going to need all that energy,
once your prostate problems vanish, and
your sex drive comes rushing back to you!

Take Prosta-Rye as a daily preventive if you’re not yet suffering serious signs of BPH. If you’re over 40, I highly recommend it. If you’re already dealing with prostate problems, Prosta-Rye is a natural, proven, potent way to get back on track.

Rapid relief… healthier sex drive…
and long-term prostate protection.
Just 3 capsules, once a day.

Don't take any chances. And don't suffer another day. Especially when every order of Prosta-Rye is fully protected by an iron-clad Money Back Guarantee. The folks at Best Life Herbals have made available a special extended guarantee, so you can take a full 90 days to see if Prosta-Rye delivers the relief and satisfaction you want. If you’re not totally thrilled with the results, get a prompt, full refund of your purchase price. No questions asked!

Don't pass up this generous offer. There's absolutely nothing to lose, so start protecting yourself today.

Yours in good health,

Don Lockwood
President, Wellspring
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P.S. Your relief from pain and worry, and your amazing “new” sex life, are just a few weeks away. Send for your own supply of Prosta-Rye now! Take full advantage of this special offer to save up to $56.52, and get FREE shipping and handling. And remember, if you’re not completely satisfied with Prosta-Rye you’ll get every cent of your purchase price back, thanks to the special extended Money Back Guarantee. This is a one-time only 100% Risk-FREE opportunity. Order now!

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